Lawyers Unite to Help Homeowners and Each Other

by Ron on July 29, 2011

The current financial crisis and economic meltdown has been caused in large part by the collapse of the housing market.   Hundreds of thousands of Florida homeowners are saddled with unaffordable mortgages and confronting unemployment (or under-employment), diminishing or lost incomes and depleted savings accounts.  Many are facing Foreclosure, Bankruptcy or both.

Too many people are struggling–financially and emotionally–and to make matters worse, they don’t have the correct information to make decisions about their future.  Moreover, day after day, we learn of new scams perpetrated by those seeking to take advantage of people when they are most vulnerable.

Frustrated by this, we have joined together to form the FLORIDA FORECLOSURE DEFENSE BAR ASSOCIATION.

The FFDBA has 2 goals– to educate the public about their rights and options and to share information among foreclosure defense lawyers in an effort to ensure that homeowners get the best representation possible.

We’ll soon be updating this site with more information about events and programs.

Check back regularly for more information!


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