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The law firm of Ricardo, Wasylik & Kaniuk, PL is proud to announce a new initiative called the Hundred Homes Project in an effort to help 100 families recover or keep homes that have wrongly entered foreclosure proceedings.

According to attorney Michael Alex Wasylik, thousands of homes across the state of Florida have been wrongfully lost to foreclosure. “Unfortunately, banks pushed through many of these wrongful foreclosures through fraud, mistake or because the homeowner never even knew about the foreclosure,” said Wasylik. “This is a miscarriage of justice and we want to help consumers take back their homes.”

The Hundred Homes Project is inspired by lawyers who use modern DNA techniques to free innocent men and women from prison, convicted of crimes they had never committed. “We want to take the same approach of intensely studying these cases, combing through every piece of evidence, to determine first of all if the foreclosure was wrongfully obtained,” said Wasylik. “If we can prove that the foreclosure was wrongful, the next step would be to take steps to restore the home to its rightful owner.”

The firm will analyze closed foreclosure cases throughout the state of Florida. The types of cases that are typically eligible are those in which the foreclosure judgment has already been entered or the house has already been sold with a sale date of no more than three years ago and preferably less than two years ago.

“While not every case will qualify, many will,” said attorney Jason Ricardo. “We conduct a detailed review of the court file and report our findings to the homeowner. From there, we plan a strategy in attempting to overturn the foreclosure.”

Homeowners interested in applying for the Hundred Homes Project can do so through the website at or may contact the attorneys at Ricardo, Wasylik & Kaniuk at or 1-888-830-0830.